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Percy Caceres

Percy is a Melbourne-based photographer who is originally from Peru. He has long been interested in art and images, as well as the processes of their conception and realisation. He helped bring to fruition a number of short films in Peru, two of which were selected for international festivals. When he moved to Australia, Percy decided to switch from video to photography to tell the stories he had previously told through short films. He studied photography at Photography Studies College.

Percy is interested in capturing people’s emotional side; for this reason, his most important focus is in portraiture. He incorporates organic elements into his photographic practice, often working with painting and collage. He is inspired by his reading practice and by diverse art modes such as theatre and performance.

Coming from a different cultural background, Percy views the world through the filter of his cultural past and Australian present, which gives his photography a distinct flavour and outlook.

Percy has participated in various group exhibitions in Australia and has exhibited overseas, has received a number of distinctions and has had his photographs published. He has worked with social enterprises and community art centres in Melbourne and regional Victoria.





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